Following rooms and facilities for education and research are situated at S1 and S2 building.

○Lecture rooms on 7th floor, design exercise's rooms on 9th floor, laboratories on 7 and 8th floor, room for graduate students of architectural structure on first floor, room for experiments of environmental engineering on 2nd floor, and office of the department on 2nd floor of S1 building.

○Facilities for experiments of environmental engineering at S2 building.


These rooms are spaces for drawing, making models, and presentation of students' works. These are also used as a 'salon' for students.

In the structure laboratory, we conduct loading tests for various types of structures, such as reinforced concrete structures, prestressed concrete structures, concrete filled tube structures, steel structures and wood structures. "Experiment of Building Structure" is also done here.

Research facilities for environmental engineering located at the 2nd floor of S1 building consist of the climate chamber, HVAC research room and Lighting research room. The climate chamber is a joint usage facility of Global architecture group, Graduate school of engineering, Osaka university. It was built on 1995 and used for the thermal comfort, IAQ or HVAC research.  HVAC research room is the large enclosure with a high ceiling to conduct the airflow or heat transfer experiment by a mockup. Various apparatus like PIV, LDV, anemometers etc. is used for the air-conditioning, mechanical ventilation or natural ventilation researches. Lighting research room is used for researches of visual environment or optical properties of materials.