Dr. Shino Okuda and Professor Ryuji Satoh (Osaka Institute of Technology)
IEI-J(the Illuminationg Engineering Institute of Japan)
Excellent Paper Award 2001

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"Studu on Esrtablishing an Evaluation Method for the Visibility of the Human face
- Visual Factors Used in the Evaluation Method
and the Composition of Verbal Expression Used to Evaluate Visibility - "
Shino Okuda (Osaka Universty) and Ryuji Satoh (Osaka Institute of Technology)
Illuminationg Engineering Institute of Japan, Vol. 84, No,11, pp. 809-814, 2000 (in Japanese)

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Dr. Shino Okuda was former graduate student of our laboratory. She is now working at Professor Satoh's laboratory of Osaka Institute of Technology.
Professor Ryuji Satoh was an alumnus and the former staff of our laboratory as Associate Professor.